Terms and conditions for FamWeek

Agreement on Terms and conditions of FamWeek


These terms and conditions apply to use of the service FamWeek described below, provided by FamWeek AS (“Provider”), a limited liability company registered in Norway. The service is operated by the Provider and run on the Provider’s or the Provider’s subcontractors’ servers.

This is a service which simplifies weekly planning for all families through a unique calendar for families. It is also a service that organizations can offer parents to simplify communication between organizations and parents.

Acceptance of terms

In order to use FamWeek you must first accept these terms. These terms are accepted by you when you register in FamWeek and accept these conditions. 
This end user agreement is a legal agreement between you and the Provider. The terms “we”, “us”, and “our” are referring to the Provider.

Changes of the terms

The Provider may make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time. We will notify you about significant changes before such changes come into force in order to give you a possibility to evaluate the effects of proposed changes.

By continuing to use FamWeek after those changes are made, you are expressing and acknowledging your acceptance of the changes.

Description of the service

These terms and conditions give you a right and an access to use the Provider’s services FamWeek with the functionality the service has from time to time.

Use of the service as a parent

You confirm that you will use the FamWeek service only for personal non-commercial purposes.

To be able to subscribe to FamWeek you will have to fill in your name, surname, email, address and phone number. As a user you are solely responsible for all information in your profile.

You can choose whether you want to register your children in FamWeek. To do so, you need to fill in their first name and surname. It is up to you whether you will add their sex, date of birth and picture to their profiles. You are solely responsible for your child’s profile, together with the other person with custody, which also uses FamWeek. When adding another parent to the children, a family calendar is automatically ready to use.  

You chose which organizations you wish to connect yourself or your children to. When a profile connects to an organization, the personal data in your profiles will be shared with the organizations. In addition, the information you should post to the organization will be shared. This means that all the other users connected to the same organizations and same groups as you are able to send messages to you, invite you to events and share pictures with you. 

If you use FamWeek through an organization, your profile data will be imported directly from the organisations system. You are responsible for making sure this information is correct and up to date. 

FamWeek gives you as a parent the opportunity to use a calendar with notifications, enroll to different events in addition to send messages back and forth to other FamWeek- users and organisations you are linked to. You also have the opportunity to browse other FamWeek- users linked to same groups to easily send messages, invitations and possibly share pictures. In addition, you have the opportunity to search for different organizations who are already users of FamWeek.

Use of service as an organisation

To use FamWeek as an organization you must have a organizational profile and be connected to relevant classes/teams/groups in these organizations. This data will be imported from the organization's own systems and the organization is responsible for securing that this information is correct and up to date after it has been imported.

FamWeek gives you as an organization the opportunity to keep a good overview of your members with all contact details, when they are present, and who are picking them up if they are kids. In addition, you´ll have the opportunity to use all calendar functionalities including notifications, send out invitation with enrollments and messages. You can also share pictures with members.

Privacy and data protection

The Provider is committed to respecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your personal data. The Provider will process your personal data, and the content you add or publish through FamWeek in accordance with the following:

Upon activation of FamWeek, you will provide your user and contact information. We will store such information in our database. 
Data transmitted to FamWeek will be used to provide you the service. 
A reading confirmation will be visible for the sender when the receiver opens the message. This is only for internal messages. 
Only we and our subcontractors have access to your stored data in FamWeek. We will use such information to provide you the service. 
We use different technical tools to analyse traffic patterns in FamWeek to enable us to prioritize future updates, improvements and corrections. All information will be utilized in actions associated with maximizing the usability of our service. We will exclusively treat personal data in cases, in a capacity that it is necessary to offer our service, in compliance with our conditions and current laws. Without your approval, information stored in FamWeek will not be used for any other purposes than providing you the service. 
You may at any time send us a written request demanding access to the above mentioned data regarding who is processing the data in general and on a daily basis, the purpose of the processing, whether the data may be disclosed, and if so, the identity of the recipient, the category of the data that are being processed in general, and specifically the data concerning you and the security measures implemented in connection with the processing insofar as such access does not prejudice security. 
You may at any time send us a written request asking that personal data be rectified. 
You may at any time send us a written request asking to delete all personal information stored in FamWeek.

Connected devices

You may connect as many devices as you wish to FamWeek. You shall remain fully responsible for all devices you connect to the FamWeek service. We provide no guarantee that FamWeek is available and accessible to connected devices.

As a Provider of FamWeek, we require that you as a user is using FamWeek on devices supported by their operating systems. Android-devices must be supported by Google Play and Apple- devices must be supported by iOS to be able to use the App-version of FamWeek.  


Code of conduct

You shall use the FamWeek service in a proper manner, respect all laws and regulations and respect the privacy and integrity of other FamWeek users.
When using FamWeek, you must show respect to other users. You should not act in a manner that is offensive to others. This applies even if the subjects do not use FamWeek. A user who harasses other users can get their user accounts disabled or deleted.
All information, data, files, username, pictures, links, videos or other content or material which you add or publish through FamWeek is your own responsibility. You respect that no health information will be saved in the application. 
In order to maintain our users trust in the service, we reserve the right to restrict or terminate access and use for any users found in breach of our acceptable use policy, or any use of the services that we perceive as having a negative impact on the service or the experience for other users.

Payment and termination

The service FamWeek is license based and we reserve the right to review and change our pricing and/or features, or terminate the service at any time. Use of FamWeek will generate mobile traffic, which may incur additional data traffic costs from your mobile operator.
You may terminate your relationship with the Provider at any time by requesting closure of your user account and by ceasing the use of FamWeek.

Limitation liability

You have the responsibility to ensure that you have and keep all the necessary hardware, software and internet connection which is necessary to use FamWeek.
You agree and acknowledge that FamWeek is a service available according to our “best effort” and “as is” basis. The service is dependent on many factors such as hardware and software of the devices, battery capacity, network availability etc. and you shall be aware that the FamWeek service or connected devices may fail.
You agree that neither we, nor our owners, employees, contractors or agents shall be responsible or liable for any error, act or omission in the service, or any losses or other consequences as a result of such errors.

Choice of law

This end user agreement is governed by the laws of Norway.